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Sadie reveals everything she knows about figure drawing in this comprehensive demonstration of classical methods as she works from the live model on an 8-hour pose with chalk and charcoal on toned paper.

As one of the foremost classical art educators in the US, not only does Sadie demonstrate her ability to make a stunning drawing, but she also diagrams and explains everything she is thinking about “behind the scenes” so viewers can truly understand what goes into creating a great figure drawing.

Topics Sadie explains in the video:

  • Straight-line Block-in

  • Comparative Measuring

  • 3-Dimensional Construction

  • Anatomy

  • Gesture and Movement

  • Behavior of Light

  • Spiraling Structures of Organic Form

The result is a dramatic, glowing drawing as Sadie captures the dynamic pose of one of her favorite artistic collaborators, model Christina Linskey.

Total Run Time: 3 hours 17 min

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